We know you can become a coder! And we have the track record to prove it. But we do have requirements for you to achieve your goals: desire, diligence and discipline. Bring those and we take care of the rest

We have developed a comprehensive training program that equips you with professional IT skills through real practice.

IT STEP Academy has been working in the field of IT education since 1999. Working closely with the leading software companies allows us to develop the necessary training for a professional start in IT. Our authored techniques and project-oriented approach teach you how to solve the real problems your company or clients are facing.

The effectiveness of our “Software Development” course is confirmed by thousands of STEP graduates who have went on to become successful developers, in some of the world’s largest companies in 36 countries.

Relevance, Professionalism, Excellence

Education at IT STEP Academy is based on three essential components of active learning.

Up-to-dated Curricula

The knowledge and skills that our students gain must meet the requirements of employers today and in the future. Therefore, we review and update our course program every six months.

Instructors - Practitioners

Instructors at STEP Academy are specialists in their field with more than five years experience. The methods they teach you are the same methods they use on a day-to-day basis at leading companies. In our classrooms, students receive only relevant knowledge from real practice.

Friendly atmosphere

We have created a unique learning environment where teachers and students communicate on an equal footing. Our classrooms and laboratories are equipped with comfortable workplaces, computer equipment, and licensed software.

Who are our students

STEP Academy pupils and graduates from the ages of 17-18,

are able to launch their careers in programming and stop delaying their coding dreams by becoming a real developer.

University students, from the ages of 18-23,

are able to master a second specialty in parallel with their university education giving them a unique advantage over their counterparts.

Specialists in various fields from the ages of 23-55,

are able to transform their profiles - personally and financially. STEP’s software development course helps them to accomplish career changes in pursuit of dreams or increasing their worth to their current employer.

STEP Academy’s software development course is for all

those who wish to improve their skills, systematize their knowledge, and gain the highly-demanded skills in our modern digital world.

In 12 weeks graduating students of STEP Academy will receive:

Maximum leverage via Practical Trainings

The learning process at STEP is based on the practical application of all the knowledge gained. We do not have monotonous lectures. Our students do not write a synopsis or proposals. All materials necessary for studying are available in our proprietary electronic logbook which you will have access to via your login. You will have the ability study any place and time convenient for you with instant access to stay current on your course.

Ready Project

STEP Academy students work on dynamic projects as close as possible to the realities of the IT industry and the actual needs of employers. The result is a series of projects forming your portfolio, and leading you to any interview with confidence.

Employment Assistance

Representatives of leading IT companies visit STEP Academy presentations during intermediate and graduation projects. STEP Academy staff act as jury members and conference speakers at various organizations. We also organize hackathons and prestigious IT contests. Diligent and talented students have been recruited during these various events while in their training phase.

Study forms

Study forms

Frontend Developer

1680 CHF

Structure the webpage contents to create formatted documents. Apply CSS basics: values, lists, colors, fonts, and other formatting metrics. Quickly and accurately format complex web documents. Use principles of creating forms and analyzing user data with regular expressions. Have the skills to check and debug the code of Web-documents.


Work with basic JavaScript constructs such as variables, conditions, loops, function arrays, etc. Use events and event handlers. Create handler functions for various events. Apply HTML5 to JavaScript. Understand the differences and interact with objects from BOM and DOM. Understand the intricacies of implementing client scripts in different browsers. Save user data using cookies.


Also, you will: master the basics of interacting with NodeJS. Understand the structure of Angular-based application. Apply the right Angular design depending on a task. Produce data binding in an Angular application, apply dependency injection. Serialize and parse data using JSON. Master the principles of creating asynchronous requests using Ajax. Understand design patterns. Use version control systems. Master the principles of teamwork and perform a unit testing.

Course start: 6 of April.

English / French

17-75 years

12 weeks

4 classes per 80-min per week

Backend Developer

1680 CHF

Develop Web applications using PHP. Understand special aspects of implementation of OOP mechanisms in PHP. Process and analyze form data. Setup database. Insert, read, update and delete data. Setup form. Apply regular expressions. Save user data in cookies. Work with session mechanism. Interact with data sources. Embed AJAX to web applications. Use version control system. Use unit testing. Pair a secure PHP / MySQL backend of a website. Install, configure and modify MySQL databases for the web.


Understand and be knowledgeable in subtle details of the MVC pattern. Create web projects using PHP and MVC pattern. Create web projects using the Codeigniter and Laravel frameworks. Be able to build functional, full-featured websites.

English / French

17-75 years

12 weeks

4 classes per 80-min per week

Python Developer

1680 CHF

Understand subtle details of buidling web apps using Python. Understand features of OOP mechanisms implementation in Python. Process and analyze form data. Use standard Python options. Apply regular expressions. Understand principles of functional programming. Save user data in the cookies files. Work with sessions. Understand principles of network interaction. Interact with data sources.


Add AJAX to web apps. Know how to use version control system. Understand basics of teamwork. Apply projection patterns. Use unit testing on Python. Understand subtle details of the MVC pattern. Create web projects using Python and MVC pattern. Use Flask/Bottle. Develop web apps using Django framework.

English / French

17-75 years

12 weeks

4 classes per 80-min per week


Education at STEP is organized so students can immerse themselves in their specialty as much as possible without being distracted by unnecessary materials. We do not have written exams, and tests for learning — only standard tests for self-mastering the subject. Representatives of IT companies are present at the defense of graduation projects, and a diligent student can immediately find a good job.


up to 14 certificates

IT STEP Academy students will qualify to receive during their education.

Companies employing STEP graduates

STEP Academy helps its graduates to find the first job in the IT field