STEP IT Academy | We have been teaching since 1999. High-quality IT-education for adults and children. We prepare programmers, designers and system engineers who cannot be replaced by artificial intelligence. In order to achieve this, we teach how to understand tasks, run projects and work in a team, in addition to core knowledge.

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At STEP Academy, your child will explore the future world of technology, while spending a vacation filled with fun and new friends.

Our Students:

Our students:

Have many innovative ideas and just need a little guidance in bringing them to life

Dream of designing and building their own robot for battle

Love their smartphones and tablets but there is more to them than just mindlessly consuming

Want to create virtual worlds with the power of technology


Benefits of IT STEP Academy:

  1. Knowledge and skills for the future
  2. Individual approach to learning
  3. Technologies and gadgets
  4. Only practical lessons
  5. Outdoor activities
  6. Experienced tutors
  7. Safety and comfort
  8. Communication and new friends
Forms of study

Forms of Education

Summer Camps for Ages 5-6

600 CHF per one week

    LEGO Robotics 
    LEGO WeDo: Design a LEGO prototype of a device that can move certain objects around. Design and program a robot that can dance. LEGO MindStorms: Moving forward and backward. Smooth turns. Turns under a degree and a straight angle. Passing routes with obstacles. Learn to make a self-controlled robot and make it ready for the robotic fights.


    Game Development
    ScratchJr. Program interactive stories and video games. Learn to select a background and a character, use a motion blocks, music, and make simple animations. Run Marco. Use visual instructions to guide Marco or Sophia through a series of puzzles. In this journey you will learn how to think as a software developer one step at a time! Instructions are in the form of the standard visual programming language “Blockly.”


    Stop-Motion Filmmaking
    Stop Motion Studio. Assemble real scenes with LEGO figures and take pictures of every new detail. After - let’s create a big story in a unique and intuitive app. Such videos are called “Brikfilms.” Stikbot Studio. Create stop motion videos on a tablet using unique Stikbot toys. Add voice-overs, wacky sounds effects, and with the green screen technology, animations can take place anywhere students will want!

  • Week 1: 29.06 - 03.07. Robotics & Game Development.
  • Week 2: 06.07 - 10.07. Robotics & Stop-Motion Filmmaking.
  • Week 3: 13.07 - 17.07. Robotics & Game Development.
  • Week 4: 20.07 - 24.07. Robotics & Stop-Motion Filmmaking.
  • Week 5: 27.07 - 31.07. Robotics & Game Development.
  • Week 6: 03.08 - 07.08. Robotics & Stop-Motion Filmmaking.
  • Week 7: 10.08 - 14.08. Robotics & Game Development.
  • Week 8: 17.08 - 21.08. Robotics & Stop-Motion Filmmaking.
  • Week 9: 24.08 - 28.08. START IT BaseCamp.


Lunch: Additionally 50 CHF.

English / French

5 days

5-6 years old

from 9:00 to 18:00

Summer Camps for Ages 7-9

600 CHF per one week

    LEGO & mBot Robotics 
    LEGO Mindstorms: Solve unique robotic challenges: create the fastest and toughest models, elevate objects, move without wheels, build a catapult and launch a ball as far as possible. Finally, smartly code your robot to win a football competition and lead your team to the championship title in several robotic battles - stop before the line, slalom challenge. Makeblock mBot: Line follow program. Move along a black track on a light-color surface. Get your mBot ready for battle in the ancient Japanese art of sumo wrestling.


    Roblox & Minecraft Game Development
    Roblox. Create and publish games and virtual worlds. Make your levels interactive with interactive obstacles and non-player character programmed on Lua language. Minecraft. Design 3D-levels, program agents and learn command blocks. Using visual code build shelter, bridges, mines, maze. Re-skin blocks and items.


    YouTube & Filmmaking
    Learn to create music clips based on Imagine Dragons - Believer. Shot video on green screen and replace backgrounds and add green screen animations in Marvel superheroes movies. Create simple trick montage with mobile phones.

  • Week 1: 29.06 - 03.07. LEGO & mBot Robotics.
  • Week 2: 06.07 - 10.07. YouTube & Filmmaking.
  • Week 3: 13.07 - 17.07. Roblox & Minecraft Game Development.
  • Week 4: 20.07 - 24.07. LEGO & mBot Robotics.
  • Week 5: 27.07 - 31.07. YouTube & Filmmaking.
  • Week 6: 03.08 - 07.08. Roblox & Minecraft Game Development.
  • Week 7: 10.08 - 14.08. LEGO & mBot Robotics.
  • Week 8: 17.08 - 21.08. YouTube & Filmmaking.
  • Week 9: 24.08 - 28.08. START IT BaseCamp.

Lunch: Additionally 50 CHF.

English / French

5 days

7-9 years old

from 9:00 to 18:00

Summer Camps for Ages 10-13

600 CHF per one week

    Advanced Robotics & FutureTech 
    Coding mBot robots to move with code on Python. Creating electric circuits on Arduino. Internet of Things. Assembling circuits used in smart home devices: lightning of specific diodes following specific conditions, using sensors to measure. Artificial Intelligence. Coding self-learning game bots on Python: 4-in-a-row, T-Rex Dino. 3D-Design & Printing. Designing virtual reality 3D-spaces and exploring them. 3D-Printing. Designing Printing your own characters. Hacking and cybersecurity. Brute-force password unlocker on Python. How to be secure in the world of the future.


    Unreal Gaming with Unreal Engine 4
    Master advanced video game development with Unreal Engine 4. Game engine behind Fortnite and PUBG. Build realistic looking environments. Define custom inputs and movements to control characters. Learn to use blueprints - special script logic to define gameplay without needing to know how to code.


    Unity 3D-Game Development
    Configure Unity projects for 2D and 3D development. Develop game mechanics. Identify stages of the game development process. Identify key features of the Unity 3D toolset. Create and configure physically based materials. Use imported assets to build modular level components. Create level component Prefabs for reuse throughout games. Learn Unity Physics.


  • Week 1: 29.06 - 03.07. Unreal Gaming with Unreal Engine 4.
  • Week 2: 06.07 - 10.07. Unity 3D-Game Development.
  • Week 3: 13.07 - 17.07. Advanced Robotics & FutureTech.
  • Week 4: 20.07 - 24.07. Unreal Gaming with Unreal Engine 4.
  • Week 5: 27.07 - 31.07. Unity 3D-Game Development.
  • Week 6: 03.08 - 07.08. Advanced Robotics & FutureTech.
  • Week 7: 10.08 - 14.08. Unreal Gaming with Unreal Engine 4.
  • Week 8: 17.08 - 21.08. Unity 3D-Game Development.
  • Week 9: 24.08 - 28.08. START IT BaseCamp.


Lunch: Additionally 50 CHF.

English / French

5 days

10-13 years old

from 9:00 to 18:00

10-17: Junior Business Academy
10 - 17 years
5-13: Junior Computer Academy
5 - 13 years


Student Stories

Student Stories

Tomas Ofek

Game Development

11 years

But most impressive for me was how flexible and accommodating the team was: when my son needed to move at a different pace than the class, Step accommodated him in a way that I could never expect
Show more

Ben Magri

YouTube and Filmmaking

8 years

If your child loves spending hours watching videos on YouTube like my 8-year old, I strongly recommend the STEP YouTube and filmmaking course.
Show more

Cristina Aguilar

Game Development

12 years

He was coached by professional teachers and he had a lot of fun.
Show more

Alexandra Ciuraru

Game Development

7 years

You may say it is too much for your kid to be exposed to robotics or 3D modeling at such an young age. Well, it is not!
Show more

Vacations relieve children of the standard education burden. Instead they are able to use this experimental period to learn in a new modern way. Our camp curricula give children the opportunity to try a variety of courses and activities, resulting in a new found hobby or a possible future career. After all, holidays are a time of exploration - a break from the norm. Let’s put that time to good use as we discover hidden talents in your child and prepare them for the future.

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