At STEP Academy, your child will explore the future world of technology, while spending a vacation filled with fun and new friends.

Our Students

Our Students:

Dream of designing and building their own robot for battle

Love their smartphones and tablets but there is more to them than just mindlessly consuming

Want to create virtual worlds with the power of technology

Have many innovative ideas and just need a little guidance in bringing them to life


Benefits of IT STEP Academy:

  1. Knowledge and skills for the future
  2. Individual approach to learning
  3. Technologies and gadgets
  4. Visits to global IT companies
  5. Outdoor activities
  6. Experienced tutors
  7. Safety and comfort
  8. Communication and new friends
Our Approach

Our Approach to Education


Parents reviews

Nir Ofek

11 years лет

My son (11 years old) did 2 weeks of summer camp with Step during Aug 2018: 1 week Robotics, 1 week Game Development. The teacher and facilities were excellent, and my son learned a ton and got immersed big time in what he learned. 

Audreyanne Magri

8 лет

If your child loves spending hours watching videos on YouTube like my 8-year old, I strongly recommend the STEP YouTube and filmmaking course

Cristina Aguilar

12 лет

My 12-son complete a game development summer camp course and I was amazed how much he learnt about programming in a week.

Vacations relieve children of the standard education burden. Instead they are able to use this experimental period to learn in a new modern way. Our camp curricula give children the opportunity to try a variety of courses and activities, resulting in a new found hobby or a possible future career. After all, holidays are a time of exploration - a break from the norm. Let’s put that time to good use as we discover hidden talents in your child and prepare them for the future.