STEP IT Academy | We have been learning since 1999. High-quality IT-education for adults and children. We prepare programmers, designers and system engineers who cannot be replaced by artificial intelligence. In order to achieve this, we teach how to understand tasks, run projects and work in a team, in addition to core knowledge.

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Thanks to the Internet and various software, we were able to facilitate many processes of our lives. The more confident we are with a computer, the more various programs and technologies we know, the easier it becomes for us to work. This knowledge makes our life many times easier and gives higher freedom.


Our values

Education at IT STEP Academy is based on three essential components of active learning:

Up-to-dated Curricula

The knowledge and skills that our students gain must meet the requirements of employers today and in the future. Therefore, we review and update our course program every six months.

Instructors - Practitioners

Instructors at STEP Academy are specialists in their field with more than five years experience. The methods they teach you are the same methods they use on a day-to-day basis at leading companies. In our classrooms, students receive only relevant knowledge from real practice.

Friendly atmosphere

We have created a unique learning environment where teachers and students communicate on an equal footing. Our classrooms and laboratories are equipped with comfortable workplaces, computer equipment, and licensed software.

The Program

The Program is Designed for

Students and graduates (15-18 y.o)

Office workers who spend a lot of time with computers and want to improve

University students (18-23 y.o)

People who want to change their profession to the new one, more digital

Representatives of other professions (23-55 y.o.)

Last-year students and graduates before starting a new job position

Those who wish to augment their IT qualifications

Everyone who wants to discover the world of Informational Technologies



The curriculum is created following the needs of the market Our methodologists and trainers are constantly working on updating and improving the curriculum to ensure that STEP graduates can succeed in the future.

  • Release all of your fear of using computers and messing them up. Acquire the ability to quickly use short-cut keys.
  • Acquire the ability to work well with files.
  • Learn how to safely install and uninstall software.
  • Know how to articulate clearly problems to a specialist when you need Backups and data recovery.
  • Gain the knowledge you need to keep your computer and yourself safe online. Protect your files.
  • Search better, consider suggestions, use natural language, find almost anything you want. Inclusions exclusions, reduce search to one site or filetype, search for PDFs or other specific documents. Search for the latest news only.
  • Find balance and guidelines on how to manage your kids in this world of screens.
  • Get introduced to applications for monitoring kids' online activities and screen time for their safety.
  • Working with tables and layouts, media and images. Perform Mail Merges to create Mailing Labels and Form Letters.
  • Build and Deliver Word Forms, working with templates. Track changes, accept/reject them, protect documents from edits.
  • Master the most important Excel tools and features, data formats, conditional selections, functions, averages, suns, conditional counting.
  • Make numbers speak make diagrams, charts for presentations and reports. Design slides according to your audience's needs and your message's main purpose.
  • Typography & slide copy. Colors and contrast. Infographics, interpreting data and facts to validate your arguments.
  • Learn to work in teams to stay productive, distributed teams, how to organize requests from google forms, how to connect google docs from other services.
  • Learn to use voice typing to dictate text to your document. Setup Translate+ to translate the text inside Google Docs Spreadsheets.
  • WhatsApp & facebook messenger, skype. We'll show you how to set up integrated messengers like Franz or IM+ to keep all your chats in one centralized place and ensure that you don't forget replying to anyone.
  • To-do lists, method and hands-on practice with leading apps. Kanban boards, Trello and how to prioritize while having fun.
  • Become an expert at organizing through the use of boards, lists, and cards.
  • Get an email if it will snow tomorrow, or a sound notification when it starts raining outside. Turn on the light when you come home.
  • Get a wake-up call with local and international news and traffic conditions to work. Get local deals alerts live.
  • Automate all your existing services into one and spend less time with repeats: Archive Your Life to Google Calendar, Create Trello Tasks from Email.
  • Manage your email attachments. Get notified when a shared data source is modified. Get a push notification when you receive an email from your boss.
  • Request manager approval for a selected file.
  • Learn how to automate your home, keep an eye on it, while reducing expenses and your carbon footprint. Ask Alexa to turn on or off your home security or camera in the house.
  • Ask Alexa to turn the heating down when you leave or up when you are on your way home.
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After graduation

After graduation, you will be able to

  • Assemble a computer and find out how to troubleshoot basic problems
  • Connect various peripheral devices and do the tasks you need
  • Know the most important apps & software
  • Create digital content in the forms of text documents and tables
  • Deliver information in the form of presentations
  • Use collaborative tools such as Google Documents and Google Drive
  • Use the most important online tools such as Google Calendar, Trello, and messengers
  • Manage your emails perfectly
  • Organize yourself with to-do lists and time management tools
  • Keep your chats all in one app
  • Automate all your existing services into one and spend less time with repeats
  • Ask Alexa about everything
Forms of study

Forms of Education

Module #1. Computer Tips and Tricks.

360 CHF

Workshop #1.1. Computer Hardware: Parts and what they are used for.
Workshop #1.2. Files, Applications and Shortcuts.
Workshop #1.3. Troubleshooting.
Workshop #1.4. CyberSecurity & Online Data.
Workshop #1.5. SmartBrowsing - Learn to Search Better.
Workshop #1.6. Parenting: Screentime and your Family.


Total hours: 12.

English / French

6 weeks

17-75 years old

2 hours per week

Module #2. Microsoft Office

Launch price: 360 CHF

Workshop #2.1. Microsoft Word.
Workshop #2.2. Microsoft Excel.
Workshop #2.3. Microsoft PowerPoint.
Workshop #2.4. Google Docs / Spreadsheet.
Workshop #2.5. Personal Productivity Tools - Part 1: Chats and Content Curation.
Workshop #2.6. Personal Productivity Tools - Part 2: Time and Task Management.

Total hours: 12.

English / French

6 weeks

17-75 years old

2 hours per week

Module #3. Codeless Automation

240 CHF

Workshop #3.1. IFTTT.
Workshop #3.2. Zapier.
Workshop #3.3. Microsoft Flow.
Workshop #3.4. Alexa & Google Home.

Total hours: 8.

English / French

4 weeks

17-75 years old

2 hours per week

Digital Marketing & Analytics
17 - 75 years
Personalized Courses
14 - 75 years


Work in/with international IT-companies.

Launched their startups. Minimum experience in IT - 5 years.

Average teaching experience - 2 years.

Gael Montouchet

Expert in Digital Marketing and Productivity.

Gael worked for such famous companies as Nestle, Hilton, Emirates, LinkedIn, Hyatt, and organizations as UNICEF and World Wide Fund for Nature.


How we teach

The training process in STEP is focused on developing practical professional skills without any distraction: no written exams, no memorizing, only specific tests for self-assessment.


STEP Academy students receive international diplomas


Companies in which the STEP graduates work

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