STEP IT Academy | We have been teaching since 1999. High-quality IT-education for adults and children. We prepare programmers, designers and system engineers who cannot be replaced by artificial intelligence. In order to achieve this, we teach how to understand tasks, run projects and work in a team, in addition to core knowledge.

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Clubs Organization

How clubs are organized

Multidiscipline: from robotics to game development, coding, filmmaking and 3D-design
Flexible schedule: every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday from 16:30 to 18:30
Come 30 min earlier or later. Child will stay occupied in STEP Academy for free
Age Groups

Age Groups

Children ages 7-9
An opportunity to choose a future profession, to try your hand at IT.
Children ages 10-13
Not sure about your chosen specialty at the university or college? Opportunity to try your hand at IT.


Practice. Working on one's own projects
Teachers practitioners
The best way to select the right profession
Self-development and teamwork
Real immersion in world of future technologies
Study Facilities

Study Facilities

IT Club Themes

IT Club gives a child the chance to try yourself in the most popular areas of IT

Web Development & Coding
3D-Design & Printing
Robotics & Microelectronics
Filmmaking & Digital Arts
Game Development
Future Technologies
Robotics & Microelectronics

Robotics & Microelectronics

  • Construct your own robots.
  • Control them with remote controller.
  • Play robosumo.
  • Learn how to code robots.
  • Learn follow the line algorithm.
  • Discover obstacle-avoiding algorithm.
  • Build a catapult.
  • Learn how to move without the wheels.
  • Build a robot that can cross the gap.
  • Play robotic football.
Filmmaking & Digital Arts

Filmmaking & Digital Arts

  • Create a pixel art hero.
  • Create pixel art animation.
  • Design a game level.
  • Create a polygonal portrait.
  • Create a slideshow video.
  • Learn how to code digital music.
  • Learn to quickly design digital content.
  • Create a stop-motion video.
  • Use greenscreen to shot fantastic videos.
Game Development

Game Development

  • Learn 2D-games with Scratch & Construct2.
  • Learn 3D-Games with Roblox & Unreal Engine 4.
  • Build a Breakout game with Scratch.
  • Create a Mario-like platformer game in 2D.
  • Create a Mario-like platformer game in 3D.
  • Create an Angry Birds-like game.
  • Animate your 3D-Character.
  • Create a 3D-world in Unreal Engine.
3D-Design & Printing

3D-Design & Printing

  • Learn how 3D-printers work.
  • Learn how to prepare files for 3D-printing.
  • Learn different slicer options like layer height and infill percentage.
  • 3D-design a necklace.
  • 3D-design a car.
  • 3D-design a character.
  • 3D-design a house.
  • Print your creations.
Web Development & Coding

Web Development & Coding

  • Master main HTML tags.
  • Create your digital CV.
  • Solve algorithmic challenges with BlocklyGames.
  • Create a webpage with your favorite type of burger.
  • Play treasure hunt with JavaScript.
  • Create random excuse generator with JavaScript.
  • Beat enemies in castle solving challenges by coding in CodeCombat.
  • Create a Rock Paper Scissors game with Python.
  • Discover Python turtle graphics.
Future Technologies

Future Technologies

  • Design a virtual reality world.
  • Learn how neural networks work.
  • Create simple AI-bot.
  • Create a virtual assistant.
  • Learn advanced robotics.
  • Assemble & code Ping Pong game on Arduino.
  • Play Pushbutton cowboys on Arduino.
  • Code Traffic Lights on Arduino.

10-17: Junior Business Academy
10 - 17 years
5-13: Junior Computer Academy
5 - 13 years
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