3D Print Labs

13 February_end

575 CHF


STEP Campus, La Voie-Creuse 16

Let your child bring their visions to life with our 3D Print Labs ! Students will get hands-on training in 3D modelling and printing, learning the basics of industrial design and prototyping.


This course is tailored for children who like to build, disassemble and repair, and are generally curious about how things work. Now’s their chance to transfer their skills into design, robotics, and programming.


During the course, students will learn all aspects of 3D printing and develop their own projects, in the process learning how to:  


• Master 3D design software from Autodesk and Google to build 3D tools

• Optimise and clean 3D-models for accurate printing

• Manage the full-cycle of 3D production from ideation to final rendering

• Convert a mobile phone into a 3D scanner

• Operate different 3D printers and test different filament materials

• Create custom robots using Arduino


In addition, students will receive a certificate of completion and take home their 3D printed creations!


Course dates: Wednesdays, 13 February - 17 April (9 weeks)

Time: 16:00 - 19:00.

Location: STEP Campus, La Voie-Creuse 16, 1202 Genève.