Game Labs Jr with Scratch & Construct3

16 February_end

575 CHF


Ecolint STEM Centre, 62 Route de Chêne, 1208 Genève

Give your child an early start in coding with Game Labs Jr ! Students will discover how to code through playful lessons on Scratch 2 and Construct 3 where we teach the principles of coding through gaming.


Scratch 2 is designed by MIT to teach children such coding concepts as:

• Variables and arrays - special places where you store data

• Conditions - to make your game more engaging

• Loops - to minimize the amount of redundant code


Construct3 is the open-source gaming platform used by indie developers to create simple, but highly engaging 2D-games like Flappy Bird, Mario Brothers, and Tetris.


If your child has a dream to become a game developer, this is the place to start!


Age: from 7 to 11.

Course duration: 3 weeks Scratch 2, 6 weeks Construct 3.

Course dates: Saturdays 16 February - 27 April (9 weeks).

Time: 13:00 - 16:00.

Places left: 4 .