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Junior Computer Academy

STEP Junior Computer Academy provides computer education for children from 8 to 14 years old, introducing them to the exciting world of computers, while allowing them to get the most value from time spent in front of the screen. At STEP Junior Computer Academy children get both practical skills and theoretical knowledge. Our practicing tutors will show them how to develop sites, design and develop robots, create their own games, animate characters, securely work with search systems, and master photo and video shooting. We will help your child make an early successful start in the IT industry with the possibility to advance into a future profession. Computers will no longer be just a toy for a child, but a tool for creating their own projects and maybe one day reach the level of many world famous businesses.

Special courses - Coming Soon!

Specialized computer courses, a training period of 9-12 months. The aim of the courses, give basic knowledge and the ability to narrow profile IT-specialty. Classes are held in groups of up to 14 people, each participant has his workplace computer. All teachers - practitioners with experience.

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