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Game Development with Construct2

How does STEP Academy use a course on game development to develop real-life, personal and professional, skills within your child?


Using Construct2 we turn your child’s imagination into a skill-building adventure. Exposing your child to the detailed work that goes into creating a game provides multiple benefits. 


Realizing the amount of work that goes into developing a game – gives children a respect for technology. This shift in thinking turns them from consumers to creators. No more mindlessly staring at screens when they understand what truly goes on in the background.



On the surface it may look like just playing games, but what skills will your child truly take away from this course:

• Team Building – interactive cooperation with their peers.

• Focus – making goals and following a plan to achieve them.

• Project Development – from their imagination, to concept, to execution.

• Tech Skills – real skills leading to a future career if that’s where their desires take them. 

And of course, having a great time, making friends – and an overall exciting experience at STEP’s newest branch located in Plainpalais.


At STEP Academy we deliver courses in a step-by-step method, instilling life-long, personal and professional skills in each of our students.


Registration now open for second semester starting Feb 20, 2019.

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