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Game Labs Jr. at Ecolint STEM Centre

Course: Game Labs Jr.
Ages: 7-10
When: Saturdays, 16h00 to 17h30
Where: STEM Centre @ Ecolint – Route de Chêne 62, 1208 Genève
Why: For your child to learn technology in a fun, interactive way.


For all parents who have a game loving child – we have a plan! STEP Academy will transform them from consumers to creators. No more mindlessly staring at screens. They will discover the mechanics of gaming and develop a respect for the technology necessary to produce them. All while having fun and building real skills.


What Children Can Expect:

They will create their own games instead of just playing them, by learning:

• Game Design

• Game Mechanics

• Character Creation

• Story Development – Heros Journey


What Parents Can Expect:

To see a change in how your child engages with technology. Understanding what goes on in the background creates a shift in how they think. And ironically, they will spend less time in front of the screen.

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