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Eduard Ciuraru


Graduated from:

Junior Computer Academy

You may say it’s too much for your kid to be exposed to robotics or 3D modeling at such an young age. Well, it is not! They learn here more than just having fun with a sensor based LEGO machine, or fly a drone till batteries dry-out...they learn in a fun way how to identify, and set priorities, how to process and take decisions, put the basis of logical sequencing of activities, how to plan, the cause-effect principles, enhance creativity, they socialize with other kids...and the most important thing in my opinion, is that in the current life context, they learn how to make use of technology for DOING/CREATING something. They learn that technology can be used for something else then filling the gaps of boredom! And ALL of these under the guidance and supervision of an amazing crew, always smiling, always ready to help you complete the education cycle started at home. Well done guys! Very well done!