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Nir Ofek

LEGO Robotics and Game Development Summer Camps

Graduated from:

Game development

These guys are EXCELLENT.

My son (11 years old) did 2 weeks of summer camp with Step during Aug 2018: 1 week Robotics, 1 week Game Development.

The teacher and facilities were excellent, and my son learned a ton and got immersed big time in what he learned. But most impressive for me was how flexible and accommodating the team was: when my son needed to move at a different pace than the class, Step accommodated him in a way that I could never expect, with personal attention from the big Step boss (spasiba Vitalii).

When my son asked to keep building robots some afternoons instead of doing the other planned activity, Step accommodated him. The whole experience was superb, and my son already asked me to switch from JuJitsu classes to Step classes during the year...(-;

I highly recommend Step. Thanks to Vitalii, Ermias, David & Moez.