STEP IT Academy | We have been learning since 1999. High-quality IT-education for adults and children. We prepare programmers, designers and system engineers who cannot be replaced by artificial intelligence. In order to achieve this, we teach how to understand tasks, run projects and work in a team, in addition to core knowledge.

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To achieve this goal, we only require your desire, diligence, and discipline. We take care of the rest.

Our values

Relevance, Professionalism, Excellence

Education at IT STEP Academy is based on three essential components of active learning.

Up-to-dated Curricula

The knowledge and skills that our students gain must meet the requirements of employers today and in the future. Therefore, we review and update our course program every six months.

Instructors - Practitioners

Instructors at STEP Academy are specialists in their field with more than five years experience. The methods they teach you are the same methods they use on a day-to-day basis at leading companies. In our classrooms, students receive only relevant knowledge from real practice.

Friendly atmosphere

We have created a unique learning environment where teachers and students communicate on an equal footing. Our classrooms and laboratories are equipped with comfortable workplaces, computer equipment, and licensed software.

For whom

Program Benefits

Owners and Managers

To master the basic tools of digital marketing and be able to control employees and contractors effectively.

Future Entrepreneurs

Learn how to drive targeted traffic to a site using modern digital marketing techniques.

Practicing Marketers

Expand knowledge of digital technologies and discover new opportunities.

Those who want to learn a new profession

Receive knowledge and skills for a confident start in IT.



Our curriculum is based on real market requirements. Our methodologists and professors are constantly working on improving and updating it so that graduates of STEP can adequately show themselves to the employer.

  • Digital marketing and its place in general marketing. The difference from offline marketing;
  • Online business models: goals and KPIs;
  • Digital communication channels. Selection of the target audience. Digital strategy;
  • Basics of SEO: History, ranking factors, semantics, keywords analysis, types of queries;
  • Internal optimization. Meta tags, relink and microdata;
  • External optimization. Optimization of the site structure. Reference structure;
  • Content Marketing. Building a content strategy. Inbound marketing;
  • User Experience (differences between the directions of AI, UX, UI). UX research methods (surveys and Google Analytics);
  • Composition of user portraits. Customer journey map;
  • SMM. Overview of social networks and platforms. Building a strategy for working on social networks (Facebook / Instagram);
  • Trend tracking and operational changes according to new trends. Creation of viral content;
  • Advertising in social networks. Practice of working with Facebook / Instagram advertising office;
  • PPC. Ad formats. Search, media and video advertising;
  • Google Ads. Selection and Grouping keywords. Keyword Matching Types Writing effective ads;
  • The performance of advertising campaigns. Analysis and optimization;
  • Email marketing. A set of used tools: lists, lead magnet, audience segmentation;
  • FB and website chatbots;
  • Creating chat bots for various platforms without programming;
  • Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. Steps for proper installation and configuration;
  • Goal settings. Understanding micro and macro conversions;
  • Segmentation of the audience. Definitions of traffic quality for any site;
  • Set up remarketing groups. Creating "complex" audiences;
  • Plugins for easy data handling;
  • Regular expressions. Marketing campaign managment;
  • Ways to automate routine tasks without programming skills;
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At the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Analyze of site audience and create its portrait;
  • Create advertising campaigns on Google Ads and evaluate their effectiveness;
  • Conduct a detailed analysis of advertising campaigns;
  • Create a digital strategy and content plan, master media planning;
  • Estimate exactly what kind of promotion will give 100% result for your business with the smallest investment;
  • Successfully delegate the promotion of a business, but also speak with experts in the same language;
  • Get all the data about your audience and conduct a qualitative analysis;
  • Learn to promote Facebook, Instagram and YouTube;
  • You will be able to promote websites using email-mailing;
  • You can put into practice any Internet marketing tool;
  • You can correctly calculate the budget for the promotion;
  • Perform internal and external search engine optimization;

Education at STEP is organized so students can immerse themselves in their specialty as much as possible without being distracted by unnecessary materials. We do not have written exams, and tests for learning — only standard tests for self-mastering the subject. Representatives of IT companies are present at the defense of graduation projects, and a diligent student can immediately find a good job.

Forms of study

Forms of Education

Web Development and Search Engine Optimization

720 CHF

Module 1.1. Fundamentals of Web Design.
How to develop websites without advanced coding skills. What are CTA and other essential landing elements? I am creating lending to sell goods and services on Where to find website images and icons? Copywriting tips or how to write engaging content. Types and models of ContenThis course is ideally suited for applicants seeking hire as Marketing Manager, Content Officer, Research Associate, News Editor, and Web Developer.

Module 1.2. Content Marketing.
Working content strategy and executable content plan. Website content requirements. The life cycle of a content strategy. How to write a text to sell, to inform or engage visitors to do actions. Creating landing pages that sell. Ways to create a positive reputation and attract new users. Agents of influence. Search Engine Reputation Management. Features of content for mobile devices and desktop. Mobile First.

Module 1.3. Search Engine Optimization.
Basics of SEO. Principles of search engines. Search queries and types. How to change the results of search queries. Personal queries. Snippets. Site indexing. Ranging. A semantic core of the site. Keyword analysis. Organization of the site structure following the semantic core. Page interlinkage. Page 404. 301 redirect. Duplicating content. Site Map. Robots.txt. Internal and external site optimization. Search engine sanctions. Unique content with keywords.

Module 1.4. WordPress. Creating an E-Commerce Website.
Customization of a site. Building an online store with WooCommerce. Creating tags in WordPress. Google Tag Manager. Adding an online payment feature. Installing analytic services for the website. How to attract leads and measure conversion from visitor to a client. Adding product pages, managing promotions, sales, combining automatic emails with hot proposals.

During the course, students use commercial tools by Netpeak Software: Netpeak Spider & Netpeak Checker for free.

Specializations in Digital Marketing: Content Creator, Copywriter, Website manager, SEO specialist.

English / French

6 weeks

17-75 years old

4 classes per week

Digital Marketing Introductory Workshops

CHF 150 - per workshop, 1st workshop free

1. Future Trends Chatbots on Facebook.

  • Build your facebook chatbot, hands-on with MobileMonkey
  • Chat blast and send drip campaigns to facebook Messenger contacts
  • See astronomical open rates — 70%+! Get more ROI than “likes” from Facebook Ads
  • Build chatbots that automatically qualify leads
  • Leverage AI to serve the content users want
  • Use growth hacking tools to build Facebook Messenger contacts


2. Content creation with Canva.

  • Design presentations, social media graphics, and more with thousands of beautiful layouts,everything you need for amazing design.


 3. Creating a website on Wix.

  • Design and build your own high-quality websites. Whether you’re promoting your business, showcasing your work, opening your store or starting a blog you can do it all with the Wix website builder.


 4. Email & Loyalty Marketing w/ SendPulse.

  • Learn Email Marketing with SendPulse's email blast and transactional email tools. Email marketing is an extremely efficient way to strengthen client relationships and build loyalty with exceptional conversion rates.
  • About SendPulse:
  • SendPulse data based technology increases client email open rates in excess of 45%.
  • They use Artificial Intelligence to do it automatically. They offer web push notifications, SMS, email marketing and Artificial Intelligence all within one platform. SendPulse is an easy to use fast, intuitive, and affordable way to send emails, SMS, web push, and smtp email that will help you grow your business and increase brand awareness. Their goal is to provide you with a simple, high quality, and reliable way to communicate with your users. Accounts are free for up to 2,500 subscribers.



3 hours

17-75 years old

04.11.19 29.11.19 from 18:00 to 21:00

Digital Productivity Introductory Workshops

CHF 75 - per workshop, 1st workshop free

Presentations with Powerpoint, winning your audience, designing beautiful slideshows

  • Get comfortable with basic and advanced PowerPoint features
  • Create engaging and well-designed slides
  • Animate objects and slide in PowerPoint
  • Get better as a graphic designer and digital artist

Secrets of Gmail & Google Docs

  • Learn to use rules in Gmail to organise almost everything
  • Setup the best Gmail plugins to work faster and increease your professionalism
  • Edit google docs like a pro
  • Facilitate teamwork and project management with live collaboration.         

Get Things Done with the friendliest tasklist managers available today

  • Become Expert on organizing through the use of boards, lists, and cards
  • Manage your personal todo lists , Projects online from anywhere .
  • Work collaboratively on projects , Manage and assigning tasks to others , Keep track .
  • Get access to a wide variety of Trello templates, Adding functionality and personalized Trello project boards.
  • Setup Wunderlist for the GTD productivity method.
  • Time tracking with Pomodoro timers.


Automate your life, get your phone and computer to do your repetitive tasks for you

  • Learn key concepts in Zapier, an online automation tool that connects your favorite apps, such as Gmail, documents, spreadsheets, calendars, social media platforms and over 1,500 more.
  • Connect two or more apps to automate repetitive tasks without coding or relying on developers to build the integration.
  • Automate your mobile apps with IFTTT. Some examples of what you can do:
  • Set Recurring Tasks on Trello
  • Schedule Daily or Weekly Recurring Trello Cards
  • Mute Phone When Arriving at Work
  • Automatically Mute Ringtone When a Meeting Starts
  • Automatically Turn Ringtone On After A Meeting Ends
  • Turn Phone Volume Up When Leaving the Office
  • Transcribe Voicemail to Evernote With Link to Original Audio
  • Send New Contacts a Nice to Meet You Email
  • Create ToDoist Task for New Google Calendar Event
  • Get Reminder to Carry an Umbrella If Rain is Forecast
  • Add Calendar Reminder if Rain is Forecast Tomorrow
  • Always Be Prepared for Weather
  • Track Internet Downtime
  • Launch Google Maps Navigation 15 Minutes Before Next Meeting With Driving Directions
  • Track Work Hours in Google Calendar
  • Automatically Add New iOS Contacts to Google Services


3 hours

17-75 years old

04.11 - 29.11 from 9:30 to 12:30

Digital Marketing Program

from 120 CHF per class

Chapter 1 Website Building on WordPress

1.1 Create your WordPress Website live

  • Installing wordpress, install your first theme and plugin (google analytics), design your first page.

1.2 Best Plugins and themes for WordPress.

  • Analytics, SEO.

1.3 Selling goods and services on WordPress part 1:
setup WooComerce

  • Sign up for your website's hosting at OVH, install wordpress, install WooCommerce, install cart plugin.
  • General settings, product settings, account and privacy settings. SSL certificate

1.4 Selling goods and services on WordPress part 2: Articles & Payment

  • Create a product. Manage inventory & shipping, payment gateways, working with stripe.

1.5 User experience & graphic design process: Designing a Landing Page.

  • Landing pages, why and how. Design a landing page wireframe with Mockflow. Pick a colour palette Prepare a photo for the web with Pixlr.

Chapter 2 Digital Marketing Channels

2.1 Instagram

  • Better Instagram marketing for business, leveraging instagram stories for brands, instagram advertising

2.2 Facebook

  • Facebook Pages, algorithm, post types, insights and events

2.3 Facebook Community Management

  • Building a community on facebook with facebook groups. Sociology of communities

2.4 Facebook Ads

  • Running campaigns on Facebook

2.5 LinkedIn

  • Completing personal and company profiles, making connections to find new and high quality leads, industry groups, recommendations & endorsements, employer branding

2.6 Twitter

  • Get the most out of Twitter
  • Use Twitter as a promotional channel or for business
  • Become effective at Twitter marketing
  • Be more comfortable creating social media and Twitter marketing strategies
  • Get more followers and more retweets on Twitter, amplify the reach of your tweets
  • Learn when to use a personal Twitter account vs. a branded account
  • Get retweets with intelligent use of hashtags
  • Position yourself as an expert in your niche using Twitter

2.7 YouTube Content Creation

  • Creative steps to creating great YouTube content with DaVinci Resolve
  • Understand clearly what footage is needed to edit a fantastic video.
  • Good editing is easy, learn vital and valuable editing techniques and stop yourself falling into the all too common traps that beginners fall into.
  • Shoot great footage for the edit. Your footage will not only be better, but better suited to audience retention.
  • Love the creative process!

2.8 Content Marketing Strategies, Planning & Publishing

  • What is content marketing
  • How to define your target customer
  • Learn the general framework for your content marketing strategy
  • How to develop a content calendar and execution plan
  • Posting strategies on social media

Chapter 3 SEO & Content Marketing

3.1 Introduction to Search, Audit & Semantic Core Creation

  • Popularity ranking, word categories, high, medium, and low frequencies
  • Describing your business with tails and specifiers
  • Building your semantic core to start website optimisation

3.2 Content & Blog Marketing for SEO

  • Does blogging help with SEO?
  • Focus on long-tail keywords that match the intent of your target reader
  • Include your keywords in specific parts of your post.
  • Make sure your blog is mobile-friendly and responsive.
  • Optimize your meta description, and use all the space.
  • Optimize your images with image alt text.
  • Don't use too many similar topic tags.
  • Use URL structures that help your visitors.
  • Link internally when possible.
  • Use Google's Search Console.
  • Use topic clusters.
  • Create evergreen content.
  • Repurpose or update your current content and remove outdated content.

3.3 Leveraging local business for SEO

  • Rank a local business website on the first page of Google
  • Properly optimize a local website for maximum SEO benefit
  • Find and obtain high quality back links and specific local business back link opportunities

Chapter 4 Google Ads

4.1 Search

  • Create Professional Text Ads to Convert Maximum % of People who Search Online
  • Make the Right Decisions on which options to choose in the platform
  • Choose the right bidding strategy to spend less and gain more
  • Create step by step Adwords Search Campaigns

4.2 Google Display Network

  • Discover the Right Audiences for your company to Target on Google Display Network
  • Create step by step Adwords Display Campaigns with high ROI

4.3 Shopping Campaign Results

  • Sign Up to Google Merchant Center
  • Link Shopify Products to Google Merchant Center
  • Link Google Merchant Center to Google AdWords
  • Launch and Manage Google Shopping Ads
  • Prepare and Manager Google Shopping Product Feeds
  • Understand Feed Diagnostics, Issues and How to Fix Them
  • Analyse Google Shopping Ad Performance
  • Drive Traffic with Google Shopping and Product Listing Ads

4.4 Mobile Ads

  • Create Professional Image & Responsive Ads to Convert Maximum % of People

4.5 Ads conversion rate optimization (CRO)

  • Create step by step Adwords Remarketing Campaigns with high ROI




3 hours

17-75 years old




Work in/with international IT-companies.

Launched their startups. Minimum experience in IT - 5 years.

Average teaching experience - 2 years.

Gael Montouchet

Expert in Digital Marketing and Productivity.

Gael worked for such famous companies as Nestle, Hilton, Emirates, LinkedIn, Hyatt, and organizations as UNICEF and World Wide Fund for Nature.


STEP Academy students receive international diplomas


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