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Since 1999

We have prepared programmers, designers, digital marketers, and cybersecurity specialists with the skills to future-proof their careers. In addition to in-depth core knowledge, we teach students how to analyze tasks in order to understand the problem and think logically to provide solutions. We also teach softskills such as communication and team work.


45 000


1 400




120 000




What are the strengths of IT STEP Academy?

We do everything to ensure STEP graduates are well equipped and recruited immediately after their final project presentations. To do this, every year we improve the program, hire the best tutors and keep the right atmosphere.



Our market-first training programs are born from the discussions we have with partner companies - the future employers of our graduates. This approach ensures there are no weak points in the students knowledge and the curricula itself.


Practicing Instructors

Our instructors are not only experts in their field, but also professional teachers. Their goal is to make education as it should be: relevant, exciting, and productive.



Within the walls of IT STEP, no one is defined as “lagging behind,” we have no “favorites” or “competitors”. Students support each other in acquiring the skills needed to advance their professions. Many of our like-minded graduates have teamed up to create their own start-ups and graduated STEP as entrepreneurs.


You get a diploma from Microsoft, Autodesk, Cisco, and the International STEP Academy.

STEP Academy graduates are currently working for the world’s largest companies across 36 countries


What the media is saying
about our graduates:


Named the project of our students the “Invention of the Year.” They created sensory mittens to transform sign language into words, becoming one of the TOP 10 best inventions.

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