STEP IT Academy | We have been teaching since 1999. High-quality IT-education for adults and children. We prepare programmers, designers and system engineers who cannot be replaced by artificial intelligence. In order to achieve this, we teach how to understand tasks, run projects and work in a team, in addition to core knowledge.

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Why we are trusted

STEP IT Institute has been a major player in IT education since its foundation in 1999. We are the biggest international company with hundreds of thousands of successful graduates all over the world. We provide IT-education for children as well as adults.

In classes we focus on practice. Our curriculum follows IT industry trends and constantly evolves, which allows us to provide the most up-to-date and relevant knowledge , that help our students join the best international IT companies.

What’s the secret of success?

We are often asked how we managed to become the leader on the markets of USA, Switzerland, Brazil, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Mexico , Cambodia, Georgia, Romania, Bulgaria

There is not a secret, actually. We know exactly what is on demand on the labour market. We are convinced, that quality IT education is based on 3 pillars: professional tutors, up-to-date curriculum and well-designed infrastructure.

Higher IT degree

IT STEP University Is the first licensed higher IT degree in Ukraine. Our students are taught programming, graphic design, network and security.

We focus on practice, so from the very beginning students work on actual practical cases. For our students’ start-ups pitching we invite our partners in IT industry.

Starting from the second year in “Dual training” our students can combine studies and internship in the leading international IT companies, such as Epam, Eleks, Softserve, Nix Solutions and Sigma. The best students are offered jobs there.


universities in Ukraine

more than 500

students study with us

STEP Institute Career center

About memorandums and partnering companies Students address Career center for: - assistance with their CV, even with no relevant work experience; - Portfolio design; - Understanding labour market; - searching for an internship, employment or freelancing opportunities; - job interview preparation; - career event or masterclass applications

Every month, new memorandums are created, aimed at cooperation with Kazakhstan and International employers from IT industry. When addressing Career center, students have an opportunity to get a test task and be considered by real employers.

Sisters of Code won international awards from Solve MIT, Equals in Tech, World Bank and Women in IT Asia.


Offline branches in Kazakhstan

more than 400

Students study with us

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Online studies

Online branch in Dubai Is distance learning program that is also developed by STEP Institute

The main difference between our online classes and those of other online schools is innovative approach and gamification. Online learning is very similar to actual classrooms, having the same lesson structure with 80% of time spent on practice. Students see their teachers, actively communicate and watch the whole process, while the tutor can see the students working and is able to assist. All of it is live, not pre-recorded. As a result, there is no boundary between the students and their teacher. Those who study well get crystal bonuses, which they can later exchange for various gifts.

Online studies are very suitable for people who are determined to be a part of IT, but nit able to attend the Institute.


Online branch in Dubai


the year of online-studies launch

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Our accomplishments

Our students take first prizes in international IT contests and championships

Our students are winners of the most prestigious IT-tournament – Microsoft Imagine Cup (Sydney, Australia) competing 400 000 contestants from 106 countries. They have taken the first places in Autodesk (“Junior Master” category) and V and VI Cisco Olympiads.

International and State championships of WorldSkills

Our student – Zharabasova Alua, is in Kazakhstan’s national team in “Graphic Design” of the world championship “WorldSkills”, where the smartest contestants from all over the world take part in different levels of competitions and demonstrate their professionalism and high skill in IT professions. In 2021 Alua participated in 3 online championships and won prizes, namely Open Eurasian Competition in WorldSkill standards 2021 – 2nd place, Unofficial Online Graphic Design Challenge by Euroskills - 3rd place and WorldSkills Asia Online Friendly Skills Games 2021 - 2nd place. Also, our team in “Network Administration” took 1st and 2nd places two years in a row in Worldskills Republican Championship in 2018 and 2019.

Olympiands and Hackatons

Every year, our branches host Republican Hackathon “ITeens” for schoolchildren, as well as programming olympiads for STEP Institute and students of schools throughout the whole country.

Junior STEP Institute is among top 5 best projects according to the UN

Junior STEP Institute program was included in the top 5 Human Development Projects according to UNESCO and ITU (International Telecommunication Union from the United Nations).

Our partners

Branches of STEP IT Institute are authorised educational centres of such industry leading companies as Microsoft, Cisco and Autodesk. Lessons are given by certified tutor. Students may get Microsoft, Cisco and Autodesk certificates during their studies.


student avatar
Tomas OFEK
LEGO Robotics and Game Development Summer Camps

The most impressive for me was how flexible and accommodating the team was: when my son needed to move at a different pace than the class, Step accommodated him in a way that I could never expect

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student avatar
YouTube and Filmmaking Summer Camp Course

If your child loves spending hours watching videos on YouTube like my 8-year old, I strongly recommend the STEP YouTube and filmmaking course.

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student avatar
Cristina Aguilar
Game Development Summer Camps Course

He was coached by professional teachers and he had a lot of fun.

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student avatar
Alexandra Ciuraru
Junior Computer Academy

You may say it is too much for your kid to be exposed to robotics or 3D modeling at such an young age. Well, it is not!

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student avatar
YouTube et la réalisation de films

I have a son of 7 years old, and this is a perfect match for his passion to computers; as well as to my believes as a parent - the future is in tech.

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student avatar
IT STEP Académie

If you want your kids are ready for their future, you should consider IT education at early age of your kid. And if you are worried about PC, tablet, cellphone in hands of your kids, than it is even more important they understand that information technology is not only that.

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student avatar
IT STEP Académie

It's the first time I've ever seen him excited about school. It's a real relief for his dad and I that he loves learning so much.

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