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6 Trending IT Professions for 2020-2025


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The CareerCast website team analyzed the IT labor market and vacancies that are popular in the U.S. and ranked the professions that are important to employers and highly paid. Given that all trends come to us with a little delay, we publish a ranking of IT occupations that will be most in demand in the near future, to guide the changes in the labor market in the IT industry.

This rating includes programmers, web developers, information security specialists, specialists in data analysis and processing, and a few other professions.


The most in-demand profession is a web-developer (Web developer). It took first place among other professions related to the IT-industry. And according to a forecast by the team site CareerCast demand for these professionals will grow by 24% in 2025. Although the salary web-developers are slightly inferior, but are already the most in-demand in the IT labor market.

Computer Systems Analyst

On the second place deservedly appeared employees who are engaged in analytics in the field of computer science. Demand for their services should increase by 21% because they need experts to fix problems while millennials use computers and develop software. 

Information Security Analyst

There is a lot of information on every computer, including personal and business information. The disappearance of any information is a tragedy for the company, its management and its employees.  Companies lose trade secrets, internal documentation and customer bases. For them, it is fraught with all sorts of trouble: financial and reputational. Therefore, professionals who can ensure the safety of all information and its security are needed more and more. According to forecasts, demand for them will increase by 18%.

Software developers, programmers (Software Engineer)

There will be 17% more jobs and programmers will be needed everywhere, in every company and field of activity. Not only in high-tech and IT companies, but also in conventional firms, whose employees need special software to work with customers and clients.

Data Scientist

Due to the development and popularity of Big Data, huge volumes of unstructured data, the skill to work with them will be very, very much in demand in the labor market. The number of jobs with these skills will increase. The projected growth is 16%.

Network and computer systems administrator.

The popularity of cloud computing leads to the fact that companies are buying fewer computers. The need for professionals who can set up computer networks, communications and access will not decrease, on the contrary, it will increase by 8%.


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