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Information security protection


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Corporate and government security issues are directly related to information security, information security, and computer networks and systems.


The vulnerability of computer systems will increase in 2021. The widespread use of the Internet of Things, poorly secured smartphones, and a lack of attention to information security issues will all contribute to this increase.


Cybercriminals have long moved from mass attacks to targeted, personalized attacks. They take every opportunity to spy, steal data, and extort money for access to information. There are many more opportunities for illegal actions: weak information security, unprotected Internet of Things and smartphones, unwillingness to pay for security or lack of an IT security expert on staff.


The main goal of cybercriminals is not just to get the data. They are interested in individual computers, which they can use for selfish purposes, for example, to control the flow of financial information to the company or to launch further attacks. Corporations, politicians and senior government officials, and ordinary citizens whose data has become available to third parties or attackers can suffer the consequences of an attack.


More than half of the cyber attacks last year were targeted. Their main target was corporate assets. Ransomware is widely used, financial fraud is widespread, and user personal data is obtained illegally.


CEOs of large companies and corporate employees are often attacked via emails. There is no user who has not been exposed to search spam - the display of search results with links to malware.


Installing malware is not just an inconvenience. It's very dangerous. Malware can collect certain information that resides on a computer or serve as the basis for an attack on a computer's internal network.


Not only malicious ads and sites, but also email messages with bills and various notifications pose threats.


Using antivirus on computers is definitely a good thing. Additionally, you need to update your software and be very careful when visiting Internet sites.


Victims of attacks often simply don't notice cybercriminal activity, and attackers increase their time on the system.


For the past few years, smartphones have also become vulnerable. Android smartphones are at the center of mobile attackers' attacks. They are vulnerable and hold a significant market share.


Corporations, users, politicians, and government officials are no longer immune to cybercrime. Many things can happen: threats to sensitive information, leaks or leaks of information and data, data lockdowns and loss of information, etc.


So, large companies and private users suffer from attacks and their results. There are fewer attacks, but they are more accurate and more effective. We already know the facts of attacks and data theft from users of large services that took place a few years ago.


Trojans, cryptojackers, the Internet of Things are potential opportunities for cybercriminals to do harm.


Information security knowledge is a valuable asset. This includes: operating rules and online security, information and software access control, network security, information recovery, cryptography, malware, viruses, Trojans and their impact on computers.


The Networks and Cybersecurity major at STEP Computer Academy will always be popular with students and employers alike. Security issues are becoming incredibly in-demand and relevant. Companies are getting more and more personal user data every year and are promising to keep it safe.


Networking and cybersecurity professionals will always be popular. As long as computers exist, there will always be attackers who will seek to gain access to information.


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