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Java books - for the beginning programmer, what to read


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Of course, Java is a popular programming language. This language is suitable for many purposes and it is used almost everywhere. And this is one of the reasons why many students want to learn Java and start their professional IT education with this programming language. In addition, every IT school offers Java courses of different levels of complexity.


In any case, there are numerous books which help to learn Java. The most popular books on Java for beginners are listed in the article 7 best books on Java. Employees of IT companies unanimously advise to choose texts in English and read books in the original language only.


Those who are learning Java are in luck, the programming language is popular and there is plenty of literature to understand the basics of object-oriented programming and learn to write simple programs in Java or move to a more complicated programming level and look for java junior jobs at big companies.


Learning Java? Be sure to find and read the book "Learning Java" by Cam Sierra and Bert Bates. At first glance this book looks like a comic book, but in fact its authors in this unusual format are trying to convey the syntax of the language and the basic rules of programming in Java.


Herbert Schildt's traditional work on Java for Beginners is considered a must-read for all students. It is probably the best-selling book on Java. The author explains basic concepts, syntax, and language constructs. At the end of each chapter there are exercises and tests for self-checking and for developing your Java programming skills. The author has collected expert advice on working with Java. Students will find it interesting to read the comments on the code examples in the book.


Effective Java Programming by Joshua Bloch focuses on creating effective code. The author looks at what should and should not be done, he describes the basic rules of operation and standard solutions. Creating and removing objects, methods, classes and interfaces, threads, and many more processes are described in the book. The author explains the essence of the Java programming language and common and effective working techniques. He shares real code examples and personal experiences so that students avoid making mistakes.


These books and literature can be studied on their own, they can be read while studying in a Java programming course or institute. They should be reread while preparing for a technical interview or during an internship.  Java allows for quality work, this programming language is productive and great to work with.


Separately, you should pay attention to literature on libraries and application interfaces, pay attention to the publication date of the book. In IT everything changes and is updated very fast. The newest version of Java8 with new features, fixes and improvements. It was released in the spring of 2014. You can still download and install Java 7, this version is still available on the official website.


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