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IT STEP news and projects for the nearest future


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Owner and CEO, Dmitry Korchevsky shared the latest news about the events and work processes in all branches of the Academy:

First of all, the crisis due to COVID - 19 made us sweat a lot, transferring all our products to temporary online. 
It's good that in summer the JCA (Junior Computer SAcademy) went on vacation - it allowed us to concentrate on adults and even significantly increase attendance.

We decided not to adjust our development plans and to open everything that we had planned for this year.

Here is just a part of the projects:
1. Opening, licensing and launch of 8 new IT STEP SCHOOL secondary schools in Rivne, Lutsk, Poltava, Dnipro, Odessa, Zaporozhye, Kharkov, Krivoy Rog. The status of implementation is 98%. This is for already working schools in Kiev and Lvov.
2. Expansion of the Kiev IT STEP SCHOOL school by opening a new location on Podol. Completed by 70% - the building is bought, but repair is not yet started, as the long process of paperwork. The expected completion date is the end of the year.

3. Opening of a new location of  1650 sq.m. in the Dnipro city for  one more IT STEP SCHOOL. Completed at 90%. The repair is coming to an end. We start on September the 1st.
4. Construction of a campus in Lviv under IT STEP SCHOOL and IT STEP University on 12000 sq.m. Completed at 15%. Document processing is in progress. It is rather slow - a feature of Ukrainian business. 

5. Opening of the Unicorn School Online School - 100% status (the project appeared suddenly as a transformation of our online personalized learning platform MAPS, on which we worked for over three years). The concept of the school is absolutely revolutionary, I recommend you to watch the demo - you will love it! We plan to have 3000 students by the end of the year.
6. We have been accredited by IT STEP University and can already recruit foreigners this year. So far, on pause, because by the end of the year it is unlikely that anyone will go to Ukraine.

7. We have been recruiting for a year -15% but I think that in autumn we will be able to reach last year's figures.
8. We have opened a cloud branch of STEP, where students can get all the products of STEP, but online.

9. The opening of the branch in Vietnam has been put on pause for now, we'll be back when the borders open.
10. We're actively building up the central office team. We do not need managers, as well as managers in marketing and sales departments in Ukraine. 

In general, the speed gained over 20 years helps to move forward despite the crisis. 



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