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Objectives, principles and values of IT STEP


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??  Let's talk about the goals and principles or values of education. A bit of philosophy and a practical example.
When you hear that you need to change the education system, it is important to accept that the system works. 
Just like any other system that has been in place for some time. And it works effectively, if it has been with us for a long time. 
❗️Le problem is that the system works. 
The way our children are leaving school is not good for the children and parents themselves, and often for society. 
But it is perceived above all by employers who expect initiative, employees living with the desire to grow and develop the business. There are many other things.
But the most frequent one is in relationships with oneself and with others.

✅  This is important. When people at work say "you don't know anything", they mean "you don't know how to do anything".
There may have been high level geometry in school and you may have had the best tutor, but it will be difficult to calculate how to arrange the furniture in the client's office and offer options. 
Go to the next step and use the formulas learned for a non-standard task, here the education system is failing.
These problems are becoming more and more common.
We can improve it, and instead of people on the assembly line, add robots. But we will simply get more products per unit of time.
Technology by itself does not transform the world around us, but it does.
By adding technology to the farm, we'll have apple trees that produce a larger crop. 
?? Our goal is to inspire gardeners, designers who know how to use technology.
There are chips that we often use for 7 to 9 years - the Micro:bits. You can see the lessons on the link - is more than interesting.
Each lesson - a set of projects, sensors, detectors, small devices. 
But we just used a device that allows us not to represent electricity, but to see it in action. Please hurry.
We've moved on.
Each team should create its own alarm system using the different sensors available. They will create their own website for the project, show it on video and collect feedback from their friends.
?Objectifs, principles and values. #itstepch




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