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Wealth from Technology


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Over the past decade, the founders of IT companies and those who run them have squeezed bankers, oil companies and industry out of the ranks of the richest people on the planet. Today, the founders of information technology companies not only help businesses and people, but also profit from their developments and make a lot of money.


In IT you can make a lot and fast. True, to do this you will have to work titanically, to analyze the market and consumers. These days, developers and all those who have to do with IT feel great financially.


The top ten most expensive campaigns in 2016, according to various calculations, are Apple, Google, Samsung, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, and IBM. They are directly related to new technologies, or rather, they create them. The most expensive companies today are Google and Apple, which have long squeezed out Coca-Cola.


Forbes magazine has once again named the richest people in the world. The rating has been headed for more than 20 times by Bill Gates. In addition, the publication's journalists began to keep a separate rating of billionaires in IT. And in it, Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, was in first place. A few points below were also his colleagues Paul Allen and Steve Ballman.


Larry Ellison, the founder of Oracle, Jeff Bezos, the founder and manager of Amazon, Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, Larry Page and Segrey Brin, to whom we owe the appearance of Google, are in the top five richest people in information technology.


Rounding out the top 10 is Michael Dell, ahead of Jack Ma, founder of online Chinese goods retailer Alibaba.


Also in the ranking were: Lee Kunhi from Samsung, Elon Musk from Tesla Motors, Pierre Omidyar from eBay, Gordon Moore from Intel, Garrett Kamp and Travis Kalanick from Uber Technologies, Gabe Newell from Minecraft, Reid Hoffman the founder of LinkedIn, Nathan Blecharzik and guys from Airbnb, and David Philo from Yahoo.


As you can see, the rich guys are firmly entrenched in the IT industry, in the sense that it's much easier to make money in IT than in any other field. This list included representatives from grocery companies, e-commerce, business software, video games, online services, electronics, online media, and even a few investors and venture capitalists.


They are all successful because they realized at the time that technology and online services are the future. In fact, information technology is needed in all industries: banking and financial services, energy, education, aviation, healthcare, entertainment and recreation, wholesale and retail, transportation, hotel and restaurant business. Seeing the route of the trip or photos of the hotel, ordering a cab or buying a train ticket, viewing the child's grades in the electronic magazine, keeping the entire medical history in the electronic chart, buying different goods without exhausting trips to the stores, communicating with friends - these are just a small part of what IT-specialists do. But that's not the limit; they still have a lot of work to do to implement new technologies.


Developers who are not so lucky and their games or products have not yet become world famous, can feel quite well in the national market. In any case, they have a better chance of success, because they are in the IT industry and make money from the business they founded.




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