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What knowledge should have a contextual advertising specialist?


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To become a sought-after specialist, you need to be prepared to study the instructions and manuals for the tools that are used every day in your work. You also need to understand that a contextual advertising specialist's job consists of 50% of the monotonous work of compiling and sorting data in tables. Therefore, you will need the ability to work with office applications.


The standard tools of a contextual advertising specialist:

  • - Google Adwords
  • - Google Analytics
  • - Google Tag Manager
  • - Google Adsense
  • - Yandex Direct
  • - Yandex Metrika
  • - Facebook Business Manager
  • - Facebook Power Manager
  • - Facebook Blueprint
  • - Social network accounts


What are the development paths for a contextual advertising specialist?

After completing training and getting the necessary certification, a contextual advertising specialist becomes a sought-after IT expert. The contextual advertising channel is used by 90% of companies around the world, so the former student only has to choose the salary level that suits him and send a resume to HR companies, indicating his education.

However, since there is a shortage of contextual advertising specialists on the job market, a competent student can start earning on freelancing already during his studies. Setting up an advertising cabinet, the selection of keywords, setting up an advertising company for a knowledgeable person does not take much time, and such work can be well paid by the customer at an hourly rate.


What does the contextual advertising specialist's income depend on?

Of course, the level of income depends on the knowledge of a specialist. However, if you are able not only to set up ads in Google Adwords, but also to connect the advertising cabinet with Google Analytics and Google Adsense - your services will be much more appreciated. And, of course, if you can justify the effectiveness of your advertising campaign in figures, based on the reports on the goals from Google Analytics - you will be highly valued in the job market.


Do you want to get into an in-demand profession?

Are you interested in learning the tools of a contextual advertising specialist?

Do you want a stable high income?

Come to us and get all the necessary knowledge that professionals have!




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