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Developing Computer Games: How a Hobby can Turn into a Job


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Switzerland is ranked among the top countries in the profitability of the computer gaming industry. Almost 23 million Internet users spend $140 million on computer games. China, the United States, Japan, South Korea, European countries and Canada took first places in the ranking. US residents spent only $1 billion less on computer games than Chinese residents.

Experts predict that revenues from mobile games will soon exceed revenues from computer games and will become the largest segment of the gaming market.


The gaming industry is developing, and this means that companies need new staff to join the ranks of specialists in the gaming industry.


Among the companies there are a few that can compete in skills with major foreign game-studios: Persha Studia, iLogos, Plarium, Renatus, Nravo, Room8 Studio, Murka, Absolutist. They need game designers, analysts, designers, 3D animators, artists, programmers, testers. 

Passion for computer games can be a good basis for choosing a future profession and main activity. To come up with an original story and create a game mechanics is much easier and easier for a gamer who can't imagine his life without computer games. In addition, the industry appreciates the passion for games as such, but the interest in only one or two genres is not very welcome. Experts say that for the development of skills to play games of different genres: to create and develop villages and colonies, to walk the maze and shoot the enemy, collect items, try different simulators, adventure and even care for pink ponies. Acquaintance with different genres of games will enrich the game experience and allow you to learn more about the stories and mechanics of games, as well as introduce you to successful examples of game animation.

In addition to a passion for computer games, the gaming industry appreciates the analytical skills of the employee, his ability to structure the data, the ability to make a concise explanation and make a brief description. You will need this knowledge in the process of creating a game: to write a technical assignment for a designer or an explanation for a tester.

General erudition will also be useful in the process of creating a game, its plot and script, characters, game levels and game interface.

The creation of games can be the main work, but it can also be a passion that is well paid. Millions of people around the world spend their time playing video games.



With the popularity of free game models, this industry remains profitable.


Gain knowledge and skills to create computer and mobile games can be at the IT STEP Academy. Game development is included in the course "Software Development" and partially in the course "Computer Graphics and Design". For game development, the programmers and designers are needed, they are equally important in the work on the creation of the game.

Mechanics of characters, creation of the game interface, testing process of beta-version of the game - the work of a team of programmers. Creating characters, movements, drawing landscapes and backgrounds - this is the work of the designer, animator and artist.



Determine your preferences in the gaming industry and sign up for one of the Computer Academy courses: "Software Development" or "Computer Graphics and Design". Learn how to do it  →



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