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Where to start from: learning Digital Marketing from scratch


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Digital marketing is a wide enough field of activity for a true specialist. But where is he, this specialist, and what kind of talents does he need to have in order to hold this proud title? If you want to get clear answers to these questions, we invite you to take a course on Digital marketing, in our IT STEP Academy.


But before you cross the threshold of an educational center, let's consider with you what an Digital marketing specialist should do and what responsibilities are assigned to him/her. We have conditionally divided these concepts into three blocks of knowledge.


The first set of knowledge


A marketing specialist should know the peculiarities of the Target audience. This means that he should literally take its place: to understand how people make decisions, how to make it easier for them to navigate the site, what style, color and even font design will serve the purposes of the project - not to look back at competitors or strictly follow the wishes of the manager, but to base on the fundamental concepts and principles of the profession and even offline marketing (this is a classic and unchanging basis, which should be studied along and across).

Over time, especially when working in the same field of promotion of a product or service for a long time, the marketing specialist develops the notorious "6th sense". It does not matter if it is the result of the correct application of practical skills or just the intuition of a specialist, but without this sense, a he would not be considerate as a professional - literally on the fly he must understand what the audience wants. And if  this audience does not express a clear desire, then he has to make her want exactly what the company represents.



The second set of knowledge


Usability. Basically, it is so. Proper training Digital marketing involves studying the architecture of sites, following the wishes of the client - what they want to see on the landing pages, what kind of forms are likely to be more filled out, polls, where the  comments are mostly left.

These nuances seem, at first glance, simple, but they hide a trick: if the marketer does not know this at least in theory, he will have to reinvent the bike. And this inevitably leads to a loss of time and money for unnecessary experimentation - in the course of all the details and chips we talk about in detail.

The third set of knowledge


Copywriting. Yes, despite the fact that there is even a separate profession for doing this, a marketer just has to be able as well to write beautiful, informative, and most importantly - selling texts.

What is the task of competent marketing text? Direct the buyer to the path that will inevitably lead him to the cash register, ie to make a purchase.


Analyst and creative person


After attending classes on Digital marketing, you will quickly see that these seemingly incompatible concepts, very harmoniously get along in this profession. Of course, if you are a purely mathematician with rational thinking without the slightest spark of creativity, then you are unlikely to achieve amazing results in this field. After all, a marketer should be able to see a creative way out where many people would be in a dead end.

After all the lessons on Digital marketing in our courses, you will develop a creative vein, learn to quickly notice the main thing, sift out the "husk", and most importantly - to assign the right tasks to your colleagues. We guarantee you that upon completion of the courses, you can easily take up a position in the company with an excellent reputation and great growth prospects.


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