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Design and Marketing: the Use of Colours


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Design and marketing: the use of colours

The colour of the packaging and logo has a huge impact on consumers' awareness and perception of products in stores and on promotional materials.

Let's try to understand the particularities of the use of colour in the design of promotional and marketing materials.

Facts about colour

Branding is one of the areas where the use of the right color leads to success. Consumers react almost equally to certain colours. Certainly, the subjective approach to colour is not to be outdone. In general, in advertising and marketing, colours have the same meaning:
- Yellow means optimism. Yellow is considered one of the best colours in the design. The Nikon, DHL and IKEA logos are created in yellow.
- Orange - user-friendliness, in this color the logo of Amazon, Blogger, Firefox.
- Red is power and will. In marketing, they love using red. Companies such as Oracle, CNN, Virgin, Netflix, Lego, etc. have used it in their logos.
- Purple - creativity and state of mind - is the color of the Orkut, Yahoo, Barbie logos.
- Le Bleu - trust - it has been chosen by DELL, Twitter, Oreo, Facebook, IBM, NASA, Vimeo for their logos.
- Green, which symbolizes nature, spring, awakening and peace have chosen Spotify, AnimalPlanet, Starbucks Coffe, Holiday Inn for their logos.  
- In a grey and discreet range, the logo is from Apple and Wiki.

Colour in the design  

Colour is the first thing the consumer sees. Almost 90% of consumers make their brand image based on first eye contact, when they see advertising, window packaging or a product logo.

Warm colours (red, pink, orange, orange, yellow), which are used in logos or packaging to attract the eye of customers, and also create the effect that the product is close due to visual enlargement.

Cold colours convey the effect of freshness, create an image of professionalism and relevance. Suitable for the design of companies working in the field of medicine and cosmetology. The silver and lavender colours can be attributed to the cold colour range.

The dark cold colours, which include purple, blue, green, do not distract attention from the content and create a sense of great ambition, quality and stability. They are highly appreciated for their use in computing.

Warm and dark tones, such as gold or brown, are traditionally associated with richness and classics. They are considered ideal for design and brands, which are linked to the sphere of consulting and finance.

Neutral colours are universal. These include black, white and grey. They highlight all the other colours and create contrasts.

To learn more about colours, logos, marketing and design, consult the computer graphics and design course. In the STEP Computer Academy, this course is designed for those who want to learn computer graphics and design from scratch, acquire professional knowledge and skills.

The course program includes drawing, design theory, corporate identity and branding, advertising design, art history, graphic editor Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator. The second block of web disciplines is related to site and page creation, page usability and ergonomics, search engine optimization and content management systems. 3D graphics, animations and videos will allow students to model and create 3D objects, 3D characters in Autodesk 3dsMax and Autodesk Maya. The Academy teachers pay attention to every detail, because everything from color and lighting to shade and font is important in the design.

Today, all companies need designers. The designer creates a beautiful and functional design of a poster, logo or website. The designer can work remotely. It is a very creative job, with constant development and meetings with interesting people.

Do you want to work in design? The "Computer Graphics and Design" course is the best start to a dizzying career in design!





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